Necklace "Le due Dee" Limited Edition - The Two Goddesses Collection

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Necklace in Sterling Silver, Zircons, wood and Papier-mâché. 

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Necklace in Sterling Silver, Zircons, wood and Papier-mâché. 
Flowers, leaves and hive, are made in Pear and Walnut wood and Papier-mâché.
Butterflies and bee, are crafted with Papier-mâché and 24k Gold leaf.
Bellflower, hive and roses slide to reveal three Zircons that can be shown or hidden.
Everything is painted by hand. This necklace features a suprising lightness.
The two goddesses are Demetra and Persephone, mother and daughter. One day Persephone, the daughter, got kidnapped by Hades, the God of the underworld, who dragged down to his inferno. Once there, she got offered some fruits, but, appetiteless, she only ate six pomegranate seeds, unaware that whoever eats the underworld's fruits is doomed there for eternity.
The mother Demetra, Goddess of fertility and agriculture, who before this episode used to cater entire years of good weather to the mankind, reacted desperately to the kidnapping. She unleashed a harsh, endless winter. They then reached an agreement, Persephone was to stay in the underworld only for a number of months equivalent to the number of pomegranate seeds she ate. This way, she would have spent six months in the Underworld, and the other six on Earth.
Ever since, Demetra joyfully welcomed Persefone's periodic return on Earth, by making nature bloom in spring and summer. 
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